Holy Spirit Retreat Day DOWNLOAD HERE

Here is Easter retreat day that you can download and use at home

The hub at the centre of our activity is the Community House.

The aim is to provide a place to support those engaging in mission with children and young people. This includes

  • regular gatherings for teaching and refreshment
  • space for individuals or small groups to use for urban retreat
  • residential accommodation for refreshment and rest
  • a place to live for young people to engage in mission in the local area on a short (week or a month) or long term (from 3 months to a year) basis

Our community life includes a daily pattern of bible reading and prayer as well as shared meals.

Anyone can be part of this community and participate in its activities.

If you would like to enquire about spending some time in our community house contact Lena by email to comunity.house@renewne.org.uk