Ministry & Mission in the ‘New Normal’

It has been great to see the many online initiatives taking place to support children, young people and families during this time. It is clear that even when churches open again there is likely to be a very different situation in place than we have been used to.
Maybe this is a moment to reflect and use the opportunity to re-purpose our work with children and young people. There will be lessons to learn from the lockdown but before we rush back to running our groups then we should take time and space to consider what is the best way forward.
This is an opportunity that we have been given – a once in a generation moment.
So we plan to host three separate online conversations.

To register for any event send an email to

Please say which event(s) you want to join and we will acknowledge your e-mail.

There will be input to stimulate our thinking – using a TED talk format (maximum 10 minutes each person), time in groups to discuss and share, opportunities to hear about what has been working and time to think specifically about what action to take in your situation. An outline for each event is at the bottom of this page.

1. Working with Schools – Tuesday 7th July 2020 10am – 12pm

2. Working with Children and Families – Wednesday 8th July 2020 7pm- 9pm

3. Working with Young People – Thursday 9th July 2020 7pm-9pm

A rough outline for each event would be (adjust the hour for daytime sessions):
6.45 pm  room opens
7.05 pm Welcome & Introductions
7.10 pm Setting the scene
7.20 pm Breakout rooms 1 – how have you/your church responded to the current situation?
7.40 pm Faith formation in the ‘new normal’
7.50 pm Breakout rooms 2 – what needs to change to help faith to grow?
8.10 pm Break
8.15 pm Mission in the ‘New Normal’
8.25 pm Breakout rooms 3 – what new opportunities are there?
8.45 pm Summary, questions & next steps

We hope and pray that this will be the beginning of conversations so that we can support one another as we go ahead into the future.